The "Family Shinkansen" dedicated to children with the Tokaido Shinkansen appeared, to operate on returning home

JR TokaiAnnounced that it will operate "Family Shinkansen" that limits passengers to groups with children.

The service schedule is August 5 and August 19, so you can use free seats for the number of people + α so that you can spend heavy luggage at the time of your homecoming, and the fare is also slightly cheaper than usual. This was launched as a countermeasure against partial freedom of highway which began yesterday.

Details are as below.
~ Special event in the summer of 2010 ~ Let's go out on the Tokaido Shinkansen. - JR Tokai Central Japan Railway Company

Reliable with children's train only! Ease for homecoming and traveling! Family Shinkansen | A great tour of the Shinkansen including Kyoto trip is JR Tokai Tours

"Family Shinkansen" is a Shinkansen that limits passengers to families, as its name suggests, and tickets are only available for groups that include one or more children under elementary school age and one or more adults. The train service time is August 5 and August 19, departing Tokyo at 10:47 and leaving Shin-Osaka at 10:43 at 13:23 and leaving Shin-Osaka at 13:43 An upload train arriving in Tokyo is set in 20 minutes. Trains are handled as group exclusive Nozomi, while stops on the way are Shinagawa, Shinyokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto. However, it is not possible to use it only between Nagoya, Kyoto and Shin Osaka.

Regular cars can use the number of people who can apply + 1 to 2 seats, for example one adult or one child, if it is normal it will use 2 seats, but plus 1 seat and 3 seats available .

Also in the carTakara Tomy, We will lend out one set of 700 series Shinkansen pla rail vehicles per group, as well as a lottery won by Plarail Set. further,PigeonThanks to the cooperation, "Infant and child goods" containing snacks and drinks for infants under 3 years old said that wet tissues will be presented to all the children who got in.

1 drink exchange ticket which can be used in kiosk etc is included for one person, fee is Tokyo, Shinagawa ~ Shin Osaka for adults 13,200 yen, children 5,900 yen (+2000 yen per person in case of using green car). For other sectionsJR Tokai Tours sitePlease refer to. Even children and infants need a child fee.

The release period of the ticket is August 5, departure minutes are July 1 - July 26, August 19 departure is July 1 - August 9. It is not a station window, but it is on sale at the mail order desk of JR Tokai Tours journey and each branch (excluding Shizuoka area). Depending on the area, some roads may be crowded at the time of homecoming due to some freeways partly freeing, so it may be good to think about using Shinkansen.

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