"Super ☆ Ultra-fast IC" which can move from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka by the Cheap Shinkansen "Nozomi" designated seat at a discount of 5400 yen

At the time of opening in 1964, the fare and the charge of the super express "Hikari" 1st car were 5030 yen between Tokyo and Shin Osaka, so in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen on October 1, It became clear that IC riding service will be deployed at uniform · 5400 yen (5000 yen without tax) from Tokyo · Shinagawa to Nagoya · Kyoto · Shin Osaka stations. It is only used for 16 days mainly on October 1, and although there are limitations on the number of seats available for sale, it is ridiculously ridiculous.

Special product "Ultra ☆ Ultra-fast IC" will be released! | Express reservation Shinkansen membership-based net reservation

◆ Setting section and price
It is uniform "5400 yen" in the setting section of the Tokaido Shinkansen, and it is also available on Sanyo Shinkansen.

An example is as follows.

Tokyo · Shinagawa ~ Nagoya · Kyoto · Shin Osaka: 5400 yen
Tokyo · Shinagawa ~ Shin Kobe · Okayama · Hiroshima: 7560 yen
Tokyo · Shinagawa ~ Shin Yamaguchi · Ogura · Hakata: 9720 yen

The difference between the daily and regular tickets of all the sections can be seen in the following PDF file.

【PDF file】 ■ Discount Amount of "Super Ultra IC Early Special" and Discount Amount (One Adult One Use)

It will be

Reservation period
From Sunday, August 24, 2014 until September 18 th (Thursday) 2014

Period of use
From Wednesday 24 September 2014 until October 9 th (Thursday) 2014

◆ Points
· Limited time of reservation from 1 month before ride to 21 days before (23:30)
· Member's own exclusive EX-IC card is required
· "Nozomi", "Hikari", "Kodama" ordinary car designated seats available
· Tokaido · Sanyo Shinkansen (Tokyo - Hakata) There are settings from all 35 stations (except for some adjacent stations etc).
· The number of sale seats is limited

Because of the above conditions, the relationship between the utilization date and the reservation period is as shown in the image below.

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