Ariake direct buses arrive at Comike earlier than the first group, from nine cities nationwide

Also this year from 29th to 31st December, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan's largest doujinshi spot sale "Comic Market 81Will be held. The number of participants is over 500,000 people in 3 days, so the helicopter flies over the sky and reports its matrix when it comes to that day.

Direct buses that can arrive at 4:30 am earlier than the first train will be operated from nine cities nationwide at this comique venue.

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Wil's of the mascot character.

The bus service period is from 30th December to 30th December, but the service period varies slightly depending on the departure place, but for both, the flight to Ariake is 4:30 on the north side of Ariake Station (5 to 10 minutes on foot to the big site) I will arrive at. To Osaka · Kyoto and Nagoya · Hamamatsu will also be operated return flights leaving Tokyo from December 29th to 31st.

◆ From Osaka · Kyoto
19: 30 Namba, 20: 10 Umeda Sky Building, 21: 20 Kyoto Station. 5000 yen to 5500 yen. There is a female private car.

◆ From Nagoya / Hamamatsu
21: 30 From Nagoya Station, 23: 55 Hamamatsu station. 4000 yen to 4500 yen. There is a female private car.

◆ From Sendai · Fukushima
From 22:00 Sendai station, 23: 20 Fukushima station. 3900 yen to 5300 yen.

From Kanazawa · Toyama
20: 00 From Kanazawa station, 21: 00 Takaoka station, 21: 50 Toyama station. 5000 yen ~ 6600 yen.

From Niigata ◆
From 22:10 Niigata Station, 23: 00 Tsubame Sanjo, 23: 40 Nagaoka station. 4200 yen to 4800 yen.

◆ Okayama · Himeji · Kobe
17:00 From Okayama station, 19: 10 Himeji station, 20: 20 Kobe Sannomiya. From 5500 yen to 6000 yen.

◆ From Yamagata ※ December 28 only departure flights
19: 30 From Sakata station, 20: 20 Tsuruoka station, 22: 20 Yamagata station. 4300 yen ~ 4800 yen.

◆ Departing from Nagano ※ December 28th, 29th departure flights only
23: 55 Nagano station departure, 24: 05 Kojimada, 24: 15 Nagano IC. 3500 yen.

◆ Departure from Shikoku ※ December 28 only departure flights
16: 00 Daisoya departure, 16: 30 Utazu, 17: 30 Takamatsu, 17: 40 New Japan, 18: 15 Tsuda, 19: 10 Tokushima, 19: 30 Matsumo. 6000 yen.

The type of bus used is "StandardThat means that it is a standard 4 row seat.

The appearance of the bus is like this.

As a bonus, 200 yen worth of WEB coupons that can be used for the Ariake direct bus next summer and a bathing discount ticket of Oedo Onsen Monogatari story will follow all reservationists of this Ariake Naito Bus.

Whether it is possible to arrive at Ariake Station without getting on the crowded first train is not quite useful for those who want to act quickly anyway. From the 29th to the 31st, the Ariake station north side seems to be the hesitant who gathered from all over Japan.

In addition, there is a similar high-speed night bus.

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