Inexpensive, Wi-Fi & power supply usable · Take a night bus of 140 degrees reclining "VIP liner 101 flight 102 flight"

Although it is attractive that the express bus at night is cheaper than other means of transportation, there are also people who are not making choices from the beginning because there are times when the seating interval is narrow and difficult to sleep. The disadvantage is reduced as much as possible to realize 140-degree reclining, and Wi-Fi and power can be used "VIP liner 101/102 flight"is. The vehicle used for this bus, while holding a deep-rooted fanLegal revision of high-speed toll busAnd it was consumed by the wave of price competition and disappeared "Walking through the journey"The one that remodeled the car that was used at the Tokyo - Osaka line between the companies. I tried to test what kind of comfort it was.

Oji, Tokyo ⇔ Osaka, Namba, Tennoji | VIP Liner 101 flight | Reservation for express bus, night bus, late night bus is made by VIP liner

Prince · Tokyo ⇔ Kyoto · Osaka · Namba | VIP Liner 102 service | Reservation for high-speed bus, night bus and late-night bus is made by VIP liner

VIP liner 101 and 102 flights run between Tokyo and Osaka. Because I take a flight departing from Osaka · Namba this time, it is opposite Takashimaya's beachNamba VIP loungeWait for the bus at. The lounge is on the 5th floor of this Ichiii general building.

People riding the bus are available for free in the lounge.

The inside of the lounge was like an atmosphere like a female exclusive space, but this is because the departure of a female-only bus was close.

First of all, before you get on the bus, you will check in using a computer just as with an airplane.

You can check in by either QR code, name or phone number sent by e-mail at the time of booking.

After checking in, a ticket was issued.

Not only is the VIP Lounge acting as a waiting room, souvenirs from Osaka are sold ... ...

A free power supply that can charge a cell phone or PC and a microwave oven that can heat food are prepared.

A personal computer is also available, and it is also possible to do a small investigation.

Guide time and departure time of the express bus are displayed on the display in the lounge, and an announcement is included in the guidance time.

At the time, the staff member took me to the boarding position of the bus.

Somewhat quickly moving, I decided to get on the bus immediately after walking from the lounge.

The interior of the bus is like this. The left side (the right side with respect to the traveling direction) is the one row seat, the right side (the left side with respect to the traveling direction) across the passage is the 2 row seat.

Looking from the back of the bus, it is like this.

There was a blue pillow and a blanket in the seat.

Power is on the side of the seat, it is possible to charge the mobile phone etc.

Although the curtains were not attached to the vehicle of the walking company of the previous trip, curtains are attached after changing to the VIP liner. Unfortunately there are no curtains on the aisle side of the second row.

When the curtain closes it looks like this

Reclining can beat up to 140 degrees.

About the reclining of the chair There is a manual with a photograph.

When sitting in a seat, it contains pamphlets and guides just like airplanes.

Manga such as the president of Heisei enterprise which runs VIP liner was included.

There is no toilet in the car, but there are three breaks, so I am relieved when I want to go to the toilet.

There is a slight sense of oppression when a person in the front seat defeats reclining. However, although the normal high-speed bus of 4 rows has 45 seats, since the total number of seats for 101 and 102 flights is 27, the interval between the front and rear seats is also wider.

The bus goes out before entering the first service area, after three breaks to Tokyo. I went to bed after going out this time and slept for about 7 hours, but I was able to sleep well, because the seat was comfortable to sit and the legs could be stretched firmly and the backrest collapsed pretty much back. If my legs can not be stretched, my knees may hurt when I wake up in the morning, or if the reclining is shallow, I may get up with the shaking of the bus, but I could sleep without feeling such stress.

Moreover, there is no announcement when breaks in the late-night service area, and it is a pleasant place that the car interior light also keeps going out. When sitting on the aisle side of two rows next to each other, if a person at the window side goes out by a bus break, there is a possibility that it may be woken up so surely who wants to go to bed is a row on the 1st row, 2 It seems better to take a seat on the window side of the row.

Arrived at Shinjuku station around 7 o'clock in the morning.

Unlike the former "Walking through the journey" vehicle, it was completely switched to the VIP liner vehicle.

VIP liner's 101 and 102 flights can be taken from 4500 yen on weekdays, around 6000 yen on weekends, 9000 yen at the highest busy season. The day we got on board was 6000 yen on weekdays. It is recommended for those who want to prepare for the next day by sleeping firmly in the long distance traveling bus, because the price is also cheap among the buses of the three row trains that have plenty of seat space.

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