"Kodama ☆ Raku IC Early Homepage" where you can get a comfortable journey relaxingly relaxing with a green car by getting the local station ladder with the floated money

Going for the echo of the local train by a green car "Echicura ☆ Journey IC Early Speciation"It is a great deal plan that can be used much cheaper than the free seat without worrying about the comfort of the green car although it takes time. Although it has a disadvantage that it takes more time than the Nozomi number and things that require advance booking, actually relaxing by relaxing with a quality sheet, buying the station landing here at the station waiting to pass by purchasing floating money It is surprisingly clear that it is an ant plan to be able to eat it.

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Arrived at Odawara station 's bullet train. For this time, we will use "Easy-to-leisure IC" which goes from Odawara to Shin-Osaka by Kodama of Shinkansen.

Rakuten IC Express Hayato has a condition that it is necessary to reserve by 23:30 three days prior to getting on the express reservation, but it is a great ticket that Kodama's green car can ride cheaper than the general designated seat. If Odawara - Shin - Osaka is a Nozomi 's green car, it' s 14,700 yen for easy traveling IC If you are quick, you can earn 10,000 yen and 6500 yen. By the way, while it is between Tokyo and Shin - Osaka, the Nozomi green car is 18,820 yen, while traveling ICs are also quick, they will earn 11,000 yen and 7720 yen.

The green cars for Kodama 683 Shin-Osaka are No. 8 and No. 9 cars.

Shinkansen arrived home.

Get on the Shinkansen ......

When the door opens ......

Of course a green car. It is a green car as opposed to a 2-by-3, 5-row seat for a regular car, so there are a few margins in the aisle with a 2 + 2 4 row seat.

The seat was also calm brown. It is comfortable with a comfortable feeling which is a bit different from ordinary cars.

Making a space with fine parts such as an armrest. Of course the texture of the seat itself and the thickness of the seat are also different.

The big difference with ordinary cars is the distance to the seat. You can enjoy a luxurious feeling with enough space to put your suitcase.

Magazine for executive in seat pocket.

Of course there is a sunshade in the window.

A button for reclining next to the seat.

Reading light button on armrest. Since the interior lighting is darker than the ordinary car so that the green car can be slowly used, it seems to be useful for reading.

Unlike regular cars, there is a footrest. To return it, press the lever on the left and it is ok.

A hook that also puts a coat on the back of the seat.

Of course it is attached to the side.

The table is stored next to the seat.

When spreading it is like this.

Because it is a long trip for 3 hours and 20 minutes, the lunch you eat in the car is very important. Speaking of Odawara's stationary valetDong HuaThat's why we prepared "Broiled Kinema Tani and Kobushi Sushi" (1350 yen including tax).

Rakuten IC It is highly anticipated to use money for floating money in early specialization to upgrade the station valves.

Because the easy way of traveling ICs is the Kodama number of local train stops, depending on the station, it is possible to stop for about 5 minutes while waiting for passage, and you can also buy station lodges at stops. In case of departing from Tokyo, Odawara is the first waiting station so it is a chance. In the case of Odawara station, there are stairs immediately after getting off the No. 8 car / car No. 9 of the green car.

Down the stairs and turn left ... ...

waiting room.

As soon as I entered the lunchbox shop. You can buy a box lunch from Dong Hua, but sold out this day. It seems that it will be sold out before 20 o'clock on some days, so there is a danger that you can not buy popular station valves if you are departed late.

However, to the lunch box shop further down the stairs the station valves of Dong Hua were still on sale. If the lunchbox above is not worth it, it's worth a try but you need to be careful in time to be able to return before the Shinkansen departs.

At train stations waiting to pass, it is often to see Shinkansen passing through the opposite home so that railway fans can enjoy it rather ....

Arrived at Shin Osaka at 23:26.

Since it is a green car of a seat that relaxes comfortably on a Shinkansen with small sound and tremor in the first place, it seems that it will not get tired even on long trips exceeding 3 hours. Rather, in Tokyo - Shin - Osaka you can sleep only for 2 hours, so if you want to sleep for 3 hours, traveling by ICQQ quickness that goes with the Kodama number may be surprisingly ant.

However,Rakuten IC Hayato is effective only for the train that made the reservation, and in case of missed you can not get on the free seat of any other train even if it is a free seatAttention is required for points.

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