I tried using "Kodama ☆ Shopping Travel IC Premium" that sits on a super comfortable green car of the Shinkansen at only 9500 yen and can move between Tokyo and Osaka

The way to move between Tokyo and Osaka is by planeExpress bus,night TrainThere are many, but the fastest way is to use Shinkansen Nozomi which can travel with Docon from approximately the center of Tokyo / Osaka to the center in about 2.5 hours. When traveling on a designated seat from Nozomi in Tokyo to Shin Osaka, it is necessary to pay 14450 yen for one way if you combine the fare and the specified express express charge,Tokaido Shinkansen 50th anniversary commemoration campaignWhich is provided as part of "Echicura ☆ Journey IC Early SpeciationIf you use "Shinkansen Kodama's green seat, you can move between Tokyo and Osaka by one way 9500 yen.

News Release - JR Tokai Central Japan Railway Company

◆ I tried to reserve "Kodama ☆ Shoppai IC Early Special"
That's why I actually try to book the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka at 9500 yen using "Kodama ☆ Raku IC Early Type".

How to use "Kodama ☆ Shopping Journey"Express reservation serviceIt is necessary to make a reservation for Shinkansen from Ali.

First, click "Search and book a train at your desired time".

From this screen, click on "Next" after setting the boarding date, getting on station, getting off station, time etc. Furthermore, in order to reserve a bullet train at "Kodama ☆ Shangshu IC Early Type" it is necessary to book it by 23:30 three days before getting on the train.

On the train to which 'Kodama ☆ Shinkaku IC Early Type' can be applied, text like "Red Elephant Green Vehicle is Very Special Early Specific Setting (IC Only)" is displayed like a red frame portion, so Click "Select" on the screen, then click "Next".

Then click the icon next to "Equipment" ... ...

Click "Green car smoking cessation" or "Green car smoking" from the options.

Then, select the favorite place from the seat position and click "Next". In addition, if you select "Seat number request", you can select yourself in detail, "Which seat of which car", so select this "Seat number request" this time It was.

If "Green car" of "Kodama" which can apply "Kodama ☆ easy travel IC quick brand" can be applied, this screen will be displayed on the next screen. So, if you click "Selection" on "Kodama ☆ Shopping Journey IC Hot Spring" here, you can use the Shinkansen Kodama more cheaply than usual.

Next, since it becomes the screen to select the seat, click the seat with the blue circle and click "confirm".

Let's click "confirm" once again after confirming the word "Kodama ☆ easy traveling IC premium" next to the "type of ticket."

Since we have not yet purchased tickets at this stage, purchasing tickets is completed if you click "purchase" at the end.

On the purchase completion screen, there is a letter of "receipt amount 9500 yen", it is 4640 yen cheaper to purchase a tick than the 14140 yen when moving from Tokyo station to Shin-Osaka station at Hikari · Kodama's ordinary car designated seat Success, and the vehicle is also a green car.

If you look at the difference between "Kodama ☆ Journey IC Early Special" and other products, it will be like this between Tokyo and Shin OsakaEX-ICEven if you use the ordinary car designated seat with the card, it is also 3870 yen profitable.

More details on "Kodama ☆ Shopping Travel IC Early Special" and the difference between other productsFrom hereYou can check it.

◆ I tried a green car at the ticket I reserved
I decided to move from Tokyo station to Shin - Osaka station on the Shinkansen I ordered immediately.

That's why I came across the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen stations at Tokyo Station.

The ticket gate of the conventional line passes by using the IC card such as Suica · ICOCA · PiTaPa etc. In the ticket gate of the bullet train, the IC card and the EX - IC card are overlapped ... ...

If you touch a ticket gate like "Pick" OK.

Then, "IC usage slip" comes out from the ticket gate so I will get this firmly.

It is Kodama number 633 from 17th home to get on.

Upon arriving at the home, Echo 633 was scheduled to get on.

The echo of the vehicle you rideSeries 700.

The "face" part of the Shinkansen is like this.

Please confirm well that it is "Kodama" for Shin-Osaka ... ...

I will get on car No. 8 which is a green car.

Green car seats are two rows on each side and the passage is obviously more spacious than ordinary vehicles, and it is easy to compare with ordinary vehicles when passing by people.

Warm colors are used for the light why it seems that it seems to be producing a slightly gorgeous atmosphere than ordinary vehicles.

Seats that are indebted for several hours are arranged in two rows on the right and left, and the overall impression that it is more heavy than the seat of ordinary vehicles, especially the armrest part is wide & pretty gussely, so you can put a comfortable arm.

The seat of a regular car is like this.

The headrest part of the green car seat.

There is a footrest under the seat of the green car seat.

It is the strength of green vehicles that puts foot on here and relaxes relaxedly.

Since it is possible to adjust the height of the footrest by stepping on the lever next to the footrest, it is designed to cover various physique.

When you knock down the seat to the maximum this way.

Well understood from the side.

Since I reserved a seat at the end of a green car this time, there is a little space behind the seat ......

We could also use outlets located only at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Also, because there is a preparation table in the armrest of the seat ......

When used in conjunction with the table on the front seat it is possible to place a variety of items such as drinks, PCs, smartphones, etc. in a box lunch.

In addition, blankets are also available for green vehicles ......

Because a blunt person can use this, saying "Because the inside of the Shinkansen is cold ... ..." It is okay not to bother to put on jackets etc inside the bag.

And in the pocket part of the front seat,WedgeWhenA momentBecause there are two magazines called, you can also read it for free.

Here again, when looking at "IC usage slip", the ride Kodama 633 is arriving at Tokyo 6:56, Shin Osaka 11 o'clock. This IC usage slip is OK if you show it when the conductor came to confirm the ticket in the bullet train.

The stop stations of Kodama and Nozomi are as follows, Nozomi is about 2 hours and 30 minutes between Tokyo and Shin Osaka, Kodama moves the same section in about 4 hours.

Hope:Tokyo · Shinagawa · Shinyokohama · Nagoya · Kyoto · Shin Osaka
echo:Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinyokohama, Odawara, Atami, Mishima, Shin Fuji, Shizuoka, Kakegawa, Hamamatsu, Toyohashi, Mikawa Anjo, Nagoya, Gifu Hashima, Maibara, Kyoto, Shin Osaka

When you get on Nozomi you will pass through the train station of Kodama below.




Shin Fuji


Mist-covered mountains

From the eaves of an echo


From the eaves of an echo


The ride time of Kodama is 4 hours 4 minutes longer than Nozomi, so it will be overtaken by several times Nozomi.


Mikawa Anjo

It's 4 hours 4 minutes and it will be a more relaxing journey than an airplane than a night bus so it's okay to work in sheets.

Gifu Hashima

Enjoy the trip of the Shinkansen while enjoying a peaceful landscape.

At the Mihara station, I encountered a bullet train heading from western Japan to Tokyo.

That's why I arrived at Shin-Osaka station in about 4 hours.

Since the time is just 11 o'clock, if you leave early in the morning, you can also use the whole time from the afternoon for sightseeing.

Using "Kodama ☆ Shopping Travel IC Early Budget" will take about 4 hours from Tokyo Station to Shin Osaka Station, but since the fee is less than 10,000 yen and you can also sit on a loose seat of a green car, The burden on the body is overwhelmingly less than moving at midnight on a high-speed bus, and it is a wonderful place that it is not necessary to swing in the bus for seven to eight hours from the night before. Also, if you use Nozomi to travel back and forth between Tokyo and Osaka, it costs 9900 yen more than "Kodama ☆ Travel IC Premium", so if you want to reduce this even a little ... the best It may be a plan. Also, since the movement on the Shinkansen will be from the main part of the city to the main part, it can be said that the movement after arriving at the destination is very effective as a strength.

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