The same full automatic floor wiping robot "Ruba 380j" same as the rubrum Review of real machine, what I found after using for about 4 months

rumbaThe point that was revolutionary is that the time to clean up can be assigned to another thing. It was like washing with a fully automatic washing machine what washing washing manually with a washing board as it was. Although it is certainly easier to use cleaners by themselves quickly and clean up every corner, but at one point that "Rumba does something without complaining if basically left unattended" It brought us a degree and a vaccine.

The iRobot company that developed Rumba that should be said to be the definitive version of such a fully automated cleaning robot is full and has sent out it also wipes the floor with full automatic as wellBrava 380 j"is. This time I will report on the points that I did not review last time, as I made the overseas version of Braba reviewed by GIGAZINE to Japan specification.

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Package of Brava 380 j that reached the editorial department.

Brava 380 j is a "floor moping robot" that automatically wipes the floor.

A simple method of use is described on the back. Brava 380 j can wipe from the floor and wipe water from by changing the attachment attached to the main body.

Open the lid with suppressed feelings of spirit. Removing the inner lid is a face to face with Brava 380j.

When arranging the contents, it is like this. The upper left is the main body of the Brava 380j, and the square cube in front of it is a device called NorthStar that sends infrared signals and guides the brava. In the middle upper part is the quick charging stand, the one underneath it is a wet cleaning pad that attaches a cloth for water wiping, and two cloths for wiping and water wiping. And at the right end are three manuals.

Body of Brava 380 j. It is designed to clean by attaching a cleaning pad to attach the cloth to the front part of the square body.

The size of the main body is 244 mm in width × 216 mm in depth × 79 mm in height, weighing about 1890 grams.

When arranging with Rumba 880, feeling of size is like this. When aligned with the rumba with a maximum diameter of 353 mm, the compactness is felt in Braba based on a square.

Looking from the side like this. The height of the rumba is 92 mm, so the compactness of the brackber which is 79 mm high stands out as well.

On the top surface, there are three buttons "Dry Mode Button", "Power Button" and "Wet Mode Button" from the left. The big black part is a sensor that receives infrared radio waves from NorthStar, and the three small points in front of the button are "navigation lamp" showing the driving situation of the main body.

A distance sensor that measures the distance to obstacles is mounted on the front of the main unit.

I stood the main body and looked at the bottom. A cleaning pad for wiping is attached from the factory at the time of shipment.

Two protrusions at both ends of the cleaning pad are sensors for sensing the level difference of the floor. In order to sense fine unevenness, it was supposed to move just by lightly touching with a finger.

The wheel that runs the main body is housed in a right and left integral type case, and it moves to change the angle according to irregularities.

On the main body side, a sticker stating that it is a genuine article for Japan was stuck. In addition, please be aware that in an agency dealing with genuine products for Japan, repair etc. of overseas specification products can not be accepted.

Equipped with a retractable handle at the back of the main unit.

You can carry it without touching a dirty cloth.

When charging the brava, just stand on the quick charge stand like this OK. Indicates that the center power switch lights red and charging is in progress.

While charging the main unit, prepare for wiping from the beginning. I tried removing the cleaning pad from the main body.

The blue rubber part is an insertion port for fixing across the cross. It is supposed to hold a cross with a wavy jagged edge.

Firstly from the installation of the cross. Place the tag of "iRobot" sewn on the dry cloth so that it faces the floor, and place the pad from above.

Fold up the end of the cloth and pinch it in the insertion hole of the rubber. The way the manufacturer's logo looks like this is correct.

Insert the other side the same way.

After installing the cloth, attach it to the main body. The fixation is a magnet type, and as you approach, you can see that fitting is completed with the feeling "snap". At this time, it is important to be careful not to get a cloth in between.

It works like this if you can properly install the cleaning pad.

Braba is now OK for standby.

Although it is possible to clean even a single brava, it is better to use NorthStar together to more accurately clean the entire room. It is a point to install it in a place with moderate height such as a table and a counter at the center as much as possible in the area you want to clean.

In addition, NorthStar can be purchased additionally and can be increased, and if it is installed in separate rooms as shown in the following picture, you can let Brava to clean multiple rooms in succession.

◆ I actually cleaned it with a brava · Dry mode version
Then, I will actually try cleaning in Brava. First turn on the power of NorthStar ......

In this way, if you set it at the corner etc of the desk, all the preparations are completed.

Place the brava on the floor, first press the power button to turn on the power.

And in case of wiping from, just press the dry mode button. A beep tone sounds, and after that Blava will automatically proceed with cleaning the room. The operation sound is extremely quiet, we can hear the motor sound faintly, and even when you hit the wall, you can hear the sound "(Gon)" slightly, but if you are spending normally you will not mind at all.

The state of cleaning start from power on is like the following movie. You can run slowly and see how you turn around every time you hit an obstacle and clean up another area one after another.

I tried driving iRobot Blurba 380j in dry mode (wiping from) - YouTube

I continued cleaning while changing the direction frequently even where such furniture was complicated, and it took about two and a half minutes to complete the cleaning.

IRobot Blurba 380j sticks under the desk's legs and cleanses

If I let you drive for about 15 minutes, Cross picked up garbage and dust so far.

In the editorial department about 4 months Braba 380j and brothers machine "Braava 380 tFrom the person in charge, "Since the brava is petty, it is clear if the rumba seems to be caught in a place such as the gap between the shelf and the floor and the gap between the sink and the floor, even if the rumba is getting caught" "on the stand Because it charges upright, it saves space than rumba. "" Rumba is weak against cleaning around the charging dock, but since Brava is removed from the charging stand and is launched on the floor, I think there are no places that can not be cleaned. " I was impressed by the impression.

Actually, we had been running for 4 months at the cafeteria in the building with the editorial department, but the floor which had become dirty until then got back to white from time to time and the floor that was somewhat sandy as it goes in and out with the soil foot It became beautiful so as to make a mistake. Even though I do not know the difference in about 1 day or 2 days, every day Blava is fully automated floor wiping robot, every day without saying complaints I will literally continue to clean up "literally" mechanically "every day Feeling that it gradually becomes beautiful little by little. And when it reaches the limit where you can be beautiful with Brava, it keeps that state every day.

Especially, if you think that you are "cleaning every day and mouth", the more you can feel the effect, and conversely from the person who thoroughly cleans from the usual "If you are this degree or yourself It should be felt early ", so the more people you say" you can not do wiping cleaning ", the more worth it is.

I wiped the floor in wet mode ◆
Next, I tried "wet mode" to wipe the floor with a lightly wet cloth. We prepare a wet cleaning pad and blue cloth for water wiping.

Remove the mouth cap of the wet cleaning pad and pour water.

When the water is full, attach the cloth like a dry pad. The wet cleaning pad is designed to be mounted with Velcro.

When installation is completed it is like this.

You can see that the middle part of the cloth is slightly wet.

In the same way as in dry mode, preparation is completed if pad is attached.

It looks like I tried driving in wet mode. Unlike the dry mode which goes straight ahead, it is supposed to advance while wiping the floor in small increments in front and back and to the left and right, and it seems to be as if he wrote the letters "human" in succession.

I tried driving iRobot Brava 380j in wet mode (water wipe)

On the floor immediately after wiping the water, you can see a very slightly wiped mark in the direction indicated by the red dotted line. However, it seems that water does not remain as a trace, because it does not feel that it is almost wet even if you touch it with your hands.

The cross after wiping water for about 15 minutes was dirty like this. It was after cleaning in dry mode, but it seems that the dirt is further reduced by wiping the finish with water.

I tried it in a room with a carpet
The review so far was done in the conference room of the editorial department, but I decided to take it home and take a look at what will happen if I use it at the house where I actually live.

I tried using iRobot Blurba 380j in the household's living room

Blurba encountered a lug laid in the living room. Braba 380j also senses the thickness of carpets and rugs, and it is designed to continue cleaning while avoiding it.

Successfully succeeded in avoiding lag by backing.

Although I was going to rush again, I sensed properly and came back.

However, depending on the situation, it will be disappointing. Whether the angle hitting the lag was shallow, or the rug was placed on the bumper sensing the step ... ...

I got under the Terato Rug!

Moles in the earth completely.

After that, Brava still keeps cleaning while repeating sensing and rushing.

I managed to clean up to the edge of the room somehow.

At the end, it was automatically returned to the start position and the cleaning was completed.

As a result of the verification, although the sensor of the step sensor of Brava was functioning properly, I realized that the lag was thin and too light, and it did not reach the sensing. In such a case, it seems to be possible to avoid by placing a cushion etc before moving the brava.

Brava 380 j can be purchased from the iRobot official online store with a tax-inclusive price of 33,000 yen. In addition, the shipment of goods has come from around 15th July.

Floor Wiping Robot Blur Bar 380j | I Robot Official Online Store

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