Catalog of 'Comic Market 73' released today

From Saturday, December 29th, 2007 to Monday 31st (Monday), the largest doujinshi sale of the world held at the international exhibition hall in Tokyo "Comic Market 73However, the catalog will be on sale from today.

It is an essential book to go to comic market (comic), because catalog contains which circle gives out what kind of book, advice for beginners, etc. are posted.

Information on shops you can purchase from the following.
Guide to Comic Market 73 Catalog

According to this page, the catalog of comic market 73 is released today, the bookstore price is 2400 yen and the comic market day price is 2000 yen. In the booklet version, besides circle information, super comment advice "Comi-Navi" for comikke beginner etc. is posted.

On Saturday, December 15, CD - ROM version will be released. This is 2400 yen. Incidentally, the catalog is not sold at general book stores, but it can be purchased at the handling store below.

Guide of committer catalog dealer

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