The catalog of "Comic Market 80" is released from today

The world's largest coterie magazine spot sale held at Tokyo International Exhibition Hall (Tokyo Big Sight) from August 12 (Friday) to 14 (Sun) from 2011 "Comic Market 80"Catalog will be released from today.

Although it is not a size that is easy to carry even to flattery this time, it is possible to print a book catalog rich in listability and one circle of target clubs, and also a venue map reflecting the checked circle can be printed Convenient CD- ROM version will be released.

Information on Comic Market 80 Catalog

According to the comic market official page, the booklet version of "Comic Market Catalog 80" will be released today from July 16th. The direct selling price and the day price are 2000 yen and the book store price is 2400 yen. The catalog of the CD-ROM version is scheduled to be released on July 23, which will be after one week, and the price here is 2400 yen.

Cover of the booklet version.

Cover of the CD-ROM version. Both are handled by Mr. Hachi Saruya.

In addition to the arrangement of each circle as the main contents of the catalog, in addition to the placement of each circle, 4 comic manga inviting Manga report, column Miura Ugusu, Minami apple, Kaname Uchimura to special guests, after-sales report of Comic Market 79, Comicke Beginner Super quick solution advice "Comi-Navi" etc. published.

Since there are times when it is not handled in a regular bookstore, please refer to the following link when purchasing.

Guide of committer catalog dealer

Transportation methods, genre trends, general precautions, etc. headed for "Comic Market Catalog 80" are posted on the official page.

Information on Comic Market 80

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