The catalog of "Comic Market 76" will be released from today

A catalog of the world's largest doujinshi spot sale "Comic Market 76" to be held at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) from August 14 to August 16, 2009 will be released today.

Not only can you see where the booths are located, but it is a catalog that has a feeling of indispensable books, such as finding unexpected bargains if you are looking at them, but you should buy those who really want to enjoy Comiket maybe.

Details are as below.
Guide to Comic Market 76 Catalog

According to this page, the booklet version of "Comic Market Catalog 76" will be released on July 18th today. The direct selling price and the day price are 2000 yen, the book store price is 2400 yen. By the way it is not dealt with in regular bookstores so you need to be careful when purchasing.

The main contents of the catalog are not only the placement of each circle, but also manga reports and columns, after-sales reports of Comic Market 75, super quick solution advice "Comi-Navi" for Comic Beginner, etc. are posted, A collection of over 10,000,000 volumes of coming doujinshi "Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial LibraryThere is also an article about.

By the way, the CD-ROM catalog will be on sale on July 25, and the price will be 2400 yen.

For the means of transportation, genre trends, general precautions, etc., see the following link.

Information on Comic Market 76

The "Comic Market 75" held at the end of last yearIt was boasted of 510,000 visitors in 3 daysHowever, what will happen this time?

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