UQ WiMAX base station license acquisition number exceeded 10,000 stations, achieved in one year from the start of commercial service

Mobile WiMAX service "UQ WiMAX" with downlink maximum of 40 Mbps and uplink maximum of 10 MbpsUQ Communications today announced that the number of base station license acquisitions exceeded 10,000 stations.

To celebrate the first anniversary of commercial service in July,A recital held on June 7In addition to further speeding up by system tuning etc. and aiming for downstream 330 Mbps by introducing latest standards,Plan to double base station at a stroke this fiscal yearAlthough it is the company that had announced it, it seems that it is actively working towards realization.

Details are as below.
According to the release sent from UQ Communications, the company is undertaking the construction of base stations throughout the country based on the 2010 outdoor base station construction plan aiming to open a base station of 15,000 stations in cumulative total, but in June It seems that the number of base station license acquisitions exceeded 10,000 stations on 24th, becoming 17 stations.

Since "the number of base station licenses acquired" is the number of licenses acquired to establish the base stations to the last, the number of base stations actually opened is 448 municipalities and a total of 8549 stations, We are also striving to make efforts towards the early realization of 15,000 stations.

UQ WiMAX service area search from the following. In addition to the area map, you can pinpoint whether your home or workplace is an area "Pinpoint area determination"Is also provided.

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