UQ WiMAX expands the area at a rate much higher than planned, the number of base stations that opened has exceeded 5000

Announced that UQ Communications, which is deploying "UQ WiMAX", which realizes overwhelming high-speed communication of up to 40 Mbps downlink and up to 10 Mbps uplink, is expanding the area at a speed much higher than planned.

The number of already opened base stations has reached 5000 stations,Efforts to accelerate the expansion of the area announced by the company last NovemberIt is the result that confirms.

The photo above is a commemorative photo celebrating 5000 base stations at its headquarters, the left is the company president Tanaka and the right is Kataoka vice president and head of the construction department.

Details are as below.
UQ Communications Co., Ltd. | Notice of WiMAX base station opening 5000 bases and expansion of WiMAX service area (January 2010)

According to this release, it seems that the base station that UQ Communications opened has reached 5000 stations as of January 25, 2010. This is much higher than the 4000 bureau, which is the number of open bases until the end of FY 2009, which the company had planned at the beginning of service, and 6559 stations have already acquired outdoor base station licenses.

Commemorative photo taken in front of the base station in Matsuyama city, Ehime Prefecture. It is President Tanaka of the company that is reflected

By the way, the company planned to open the base station by the end of 2009 by November 2009We are raising from 4000 stations to 6000 stationsHowever, if maintenance is going to proceed at this pace, it will be realized.

As of January 25, 2010, the base stations of "UQ WiMAX" will open the center of Aomori City, Morioka City, Akita City, Yamagata City, Fukushima City, Kofu City, Tokushima City, Kochi City Since it has been opened in 378 municipalities and towns and villages, including nationwide, municipalities that can be used are summarized by the following links,"Pinpoint area judgment" which can check whether home or workplace is a corresponding areaIt might be a good idea to check in combination with.

(PDF file)[Attachment] Area Expansion Municipal town / village list (As of January 22, 2010)

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