"Vuvuzela" function appears on YouTube, it is possible to sound a vibrator during movie playback

According to the story from the reader, the vuvuzela function is installed in some movies of YouTube, it is possible to ring the vibrator by clicking.

Details of the harsh function such as how it actually becomes from the following.
Step 1: FirstYouTubego to

Step 2: Search World Cup-related movies

Step 3: Find soccer ball icon

For example, the following movies are best for this Vuvuzera function.

YouTube - Japan vs Cameroon public view

Step 4: When you start playing the movie and feel like raising the sound of the Vuvuzela, click the football ball icon in the bottom right as you please. Vuvuzella will ring. Of course, thanks to Vuvuzela the sound of the movie itself is somewhat obscure.

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It's already talked about here and there, but at Google, "World Cup"Goooooooooogle" at the bottom becomes "Gooooooooooal!" (Goo-no-o!) As you search. Also, the result of the World Cup match is properly displayed on the top.

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An animated GIF that symbolizes the disturbance of Vuvuzela.

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