"Ultra compact WiMAX base station" that can comfortably use UQ WiMAX even in a building where radio waves are difficult to enter

High-speed communication with downlink maximum of 40 Mbps and upload maximum of 10 Mbps andMonthly price which is the lowest in the industry"UQ WiMAX" has steadily expanded the area, but in addition to the building where radio waves were difficult to enter, it can comfortably use the service even in specific spots such as railroad tracks, expressways, public facilities etc. "Ultra compact WiMAX base station" operation started.

As area areas became the biggest bottleneck in spreading, ultra small WiMAX base stations seem to be very encouraging existence.

Details are as below.
Introduction of ultra-small WiMAX base station manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd. | UQ WiMAX - Provides high-speed mobile communication, high-speed mobile Internet data communication card

According to the press release of UQ Communications, it is said that today we began operation of "ultra small WiMAX base station" manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd. from Wednesday, 1st December.

This is "Ultra compact WiMAX base station". The size is 340 mm × 270 mm × 65 mm and weighs about 6 kg. The power consumption is about 35 watts, and the maximum transmission power is 1 watt.

UQ Communications has expanded its service area so that it can use the high-speed mobile Internet "UQ WiMAX" nationwide since the official service in July 2009 began, and by the end of 2010 (end of March 2011) the number of base stations ToIt will be doubled to 15,000 stations, which is more than twice as of the end of fiscal 2009plans.

And with the ultra-small base stations to be introduced this time, we are planning to introduce special spots such as railroad along the railway line, expanding highway, public facilities etc, and white spots in shops, etc. It is possible to respond to fine-grained areas to places where radio waves are difficult to enter), so that "UQ WiMAX" will be used more comfortably while on the go or on the move.

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