A man with a brassiere sends a message of love from China to Maradona

A bra man appears to be sending a message of love from China to South Africa directing Maradona directing Argentina. This man is not just a remarkable exclusionary exposure madman, but the bra that he wears seems to have had a feeling for the current Chinese football world.

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Chengdu Street Crown Presentation Chest Recovery Poems 拉 多 多 求 求 - 贴 贴

It is in front of the football team's home ground called Sichuan Peking. A man with a brassiere is standing near the entrance and is seen with strange eyes from passersby.

I have paper on which something is written.

"Dear Maradona, if you guided Argentina to the victory this time in the World Cup, it seems to be written that you will marry me!" Especially not confessing love to Maradona director, it seems to be only supporting Argentina.

This man is a 25-year-old man who dreamed of a football player named "Caogle". Originally it seems to be a fan of Chinese football, because he could not participate in the World Cup South Africa Games, he seems to be supporting China's next favorite Argentina. I asked why he was wearing a brassiere, he replied, "This is the helpless Chinese football world." In addition, when I heard what I wanted for the current Chinese football circle, I heard that he wanted to learn scores like Brazil, Argentina, and the Netherlands, that he should be able to learn from neighboring countries Korea.

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