Professional athlete who decided the goal of a free kick in a strategy that is unknown to the sportsman

Serie A's football clubCataniaIt is criticized that it is an act which is unknown to a sportsman, deciding a free kick with a revolutionary strategy distracting the goalkeeper. Because it is a winning stance, sneaky acts and well thought out strategies are coincidental, but there seems to be actions that are clearly judged not to be okay.

Details are as below. A movie when this decided a free kick using the strategy
YouTube - Catania's new football tactics

Serie A side Catania secure goal with pants prank | The Daily Telegraph

Yes, the strategy taken by Catania was to take pants down in front of the keeper's eyes, distracted, and decide the goal in that gap. It seems that Catania 's coach talks about what he had done special training during practice, and he said it was strategically done.

Image when the goal is fixed

Paolo Casarin, a former referee coordinator, criticizes Catania as "it is a vulgar by a non-sportsman action, a strategy that should not be allowed anymore."

It seems not to be a very effective strategy if you already know it, but it seems difficult to prevent it when suddenly being done when you are nervous.

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