From the 1930 Uruguay Games to the 2010 South Africa Games, look back on the official balls of the FIFA World Cup successive

It is a picture of the official ball used in the FIFA World Cup, from the one used at the Uruguay convention which is the 1st tournament to the thing of the South Africa convention currently being done.

It will be the 19th World Cup this time, but as you follow the official balls of the past, there are places where the design changes suddenly and you can see that soccer balls also have trends.

Details are from the following.
Ball used in the Uruguay convention in 1930. This was used in the final against Argentina vs. Uruguay.

The ball of the 1938 France convention. This is quarter-finals Italy vs. French match. It seems that somehow the rugby ball has been rounded.

Swiss competition in 1954. Ball used in the final against Germany vs Hungary.

England vs. German match against the final of the England Games in 1966. It seems to be mistaken for basketball when I see it at a distance.

1970 Mexico Tournament. Something used in the semi-final against Italy vs West Germany. It is the same design as a well-known soccer ball.

American competition in 1994.

1998 · Ball used in France convention. There are many people who feel that they remember about this neighborhood.

The ball of the Japan · Korea Games held in 2002. French vs used in the war against Uruguay.

Things used in the 2006 German Games. This is the ball when Italy decided PK in Italy vs French match against the final. You can see that the design has changed further here.

This is currently being done, the ball of 2010 South Africa Games.

From the following, from the Uruguay convention in 1930 to the ball of the 2010 South Africa contest currently being held, you can see all the official balls of the past.
The Evolution of the World Cup Ball - Interactive -

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