Osaka to tighten regulation on sexual "Boys Love" comic magazines

Earlier this month, the news came out that Osaka prefecture is planning to tighten regulation on "Boys Love" comic magazines(media specialized on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships).

And on Apr. 28, Osaka officials announced the 11 magazines to be designated as harmful books, including 9 Boys Love magazines.

Read on for detail.

(JP)Revision on Osaka Prefectural Protection Code for teenagers 13-1 | Osaka Pref. Press Release

According to the press release, officials designated 11 magazines shown below as "harmful books" for they are sexually too explicit according to prefectural regulation of teenager protection.

♦Young Love Comic aya(Sora Publishing)

♦Zettai Renai Sweet(Ultimate Love Sweet)(Kasakura Publishing)

♦drap(Core Magazine)

♦Boy'S LOVE(Junet)

♦BOY'S Pierce(Junet)

♦Renai Bijin if(Beauty in Love if)(Seven Shin Sha)


♦Chara Selection(Tokuma Shoten)

♦Daria(Frontier Works)

♦Boys Kyapi!(Houbunsha)

♦JUNK!BOY(Libre Publishing)

Below is the link to official list in PDF format.

(PDF file)Osaka Prefecture Youth Education Council: List of Restricted books

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