I compare Eastern Pigeon "Caramel Corn · Plenty Coat" with 3 times as much caramel as usual compared to usual caramel cone

Tohato "caramel corn · plenty of coat" was pre-launched convenience store, so I bought it quickly and compared it with the usual "caramel cone".

I was wondering how much it was finished with a caramel amount three times as much as usual, but a difference appeared virtually in the texture rather than the appearance, a person who likes a caramel taste It was feeling it was boring.

Details are as below.Tohato Corporation / Product Catalog / Caramel Corn

This is a new product "caramel cone plenty of coat"

First of all it is different from the pack shape. "Caramel corn · plenty of coat" is in a package that is often used for gummies and others.

From the side, the difference in volume becomes more obvious. For usual "caramel corn", the usual "caramel cone" feeling that the gusset also plenty was plentiful against the eating size "caramel corn · plenty of coat".

Looking at the raw material name of "caramel corn · plenty of coat", sugar is written ahead of the cornrits used for the puff part of caramel cone. Since it is displayed in descending order of the amount used, it seems that it is called sugar, or caramel is abundantly used in this case.

Since the raw material name of usual "caramel cone" is displayed earlier by Korg Ritz, it is clear how much "plenty of coat" is coating the caramel.

"Caramel cone plenty coat" is also used in the package with a melting design of caramel, and even a mass of caramel is drawn on the upper right.

On the back side of the package, Caramel Corn is full of enthusiasm and comes with 3 comic manga cooking. Is it the mind that Caramel Corn is licking her tongue at the second frame "Plenty of Courts!"? No way cannibalism ... ...

The calorie is 202.6 kcal per bag (standard 40 g). Since the content amount is less than half of the usual "caramel cone" in the first place, calorie itself is suppressed even if it coats heavy caramel.

A picture of the contents that seems to assimilate with a golden package. How much coating has been applied?

This is familiar "caramel cone"

Roasted peanuts where discussions are divided depending on whether it is necessary or not is still in existence. By the way, the factions who do not need factions who are in the editorial department were almost half.

As it is a school whose roasted peanuts are naturally official, it necessarily explains its necessity behind the package.

The calorie is quite reliable with 514.5 kcal per bag (standard 91 g).

I opened the bag. "Caramel corn · plenty of coat" is a large grain impression.

The ordinary caramel cone is included in a small one.

I will compare them one by one. An ordinary "caramel cone" on the left, "caramel cone plenty of coat" on the right. As you see, the right side is clattering and you can see that the coating is thick.

I tried to break it myself. Surprisingly there is no particular difference in the cross section, and it is said that "Caramel corn · plenty of coat" on the right side is bigger and the diameter is larger and more. It seems that it does not pass through the inside.

I tried to serve it well on the plate. "Caramel corn · plenty of coat" is quite surprising at the moment the bite blows. The impression of a rough caramel's coating is strong, and the soft texture melting feeling of caramel cone is hardly felt. I feel satisfied with eating a few grains with the taste as if condensing only the caramel part of caramel popcorn on sale at movie theaters etc. It is a touch that makes me want a bit of a bit of cup of coffee so it is perfect for sweet things a bit It seems to be said that it is a good product.

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