Post-It "Post-It Apocalyptic" that hands muzzle to colleagues and gives the paper binding paper

"It's a strange post-it concept design that" tells a muzzle to a colleague and hands a binding paper ".

It seems that the designer keeps in mind the atmosphere of the workplace, but it may be necessary to be careful because there is a possibility that it may become a bad mood depending on time and occasion.

Details are as follows.
Post-It Apocalyptic >> Yanko Design

This is the concept design of the new post it, Concept · Gun "Post-It Apocalyptic".

The angle from the back. If it does not have paper, it looks like only a gun toy.

Viewed from the side.

Although details are not described, it may be a mechanism that the post it set comes out from the muzzle when moving the side lever in front. The magazine part can store 5000 post-it's.

There seems to be a steam punk style post it gun.

In areas where gun possession etc. are generalized, including the United States, which is known as a gun society, there is a possibility that if a muzzle is suddenly struck, there is a possibility that it will be beaten reflexively, so even if it is commercialized In case you need attention.

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