I tried eating 'caramel corn peanuts' which collected caramel corn 'only peanuts'

The ' caramel corn peanuts ' packed with only the peanuts of the ' caramel corn ' appeared on May 13, 2019 from Tohato. Since 'Caramel corn' appeared in 1971, it was actually the main part of peanuts that supported the taste of caramel corn with exquisite saltiness, so I actually tried it.

That name supporting role is finally the leading role! 'Caramel Corn Peanut' New Release Tohato Inc. / News Release


That's why I bought 'caramel corn peanuts' (taxable 122 yen).

Comparing the package of 'caramel corn peanut' (left) and the usual 'caramel corn' package (right), the basic design is the same, but 'caramel corn peanut' is smaller in size I understand.

It looks like this from the side. As there is no caramel corn, the thickness is also quite thin.

In the column of raw materials, only 'peanuts', 'salt', 'vegetable oils and fats' and 'condiments (amino acids etc.)' were described. The product name is 'caramel corn peanuts', but it has no caramel ingredients.

Calories are 281kcal per 45g bag.

I feel like this when I take it out of the bag.

I also put the usual 'caramel corn' on the plate ...

I tried to collect peanuts.

This is a bag of peanuts for 'caramel corn'.

When we weighed peanuts, it was about 7 g by measurement. Because 'caramel corn peanuts' has an internal capacity of 45 g, 'caramel corn' contains 6 to 7 bags of peanuts.

If you look at the peanuts in caramel corn (left) and the peanuts in caramel corn (right), the color of peanuts in caramel corn is darker, and the roast looks a bit deeper. In addition, although the salt was scattered on the surface of the peanut which had been contained in the 'caramel corn', the powdery salt and the seasoning were evenly sprinkled in the 'caramel corn peanut'.

When I ate 'caramel corn peanuts', I felt the aroma of the roasted peanuts and the slight saltiness. The saltiness is exquisite, and the flavor and taste of the well-roasted peanuts are well felt, so it's perfect for snacks and snacks.

Peanut taste and flavor are both the same when I compare it with peanuts contained in 'caramel corn', but because the salt on the surface of peanuts has been transferred to caramel corn, it is contained in caramel corn Peanuts felt slightly less salty.

'Caramel corn peanuts' has been sold at retail stores nationwide from May 13, 2019, and the price is 122 yen excluding tax.

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