I tried a limited-time new taste of Tohato 'Caramel Corn' where you can feel fragrant pistachios and 3 kinds of sweet and sour berries respectively.

Tohato's popular snack '

Caramel Corn ', which has a crispy texture and caramel flavor, will have a new flavor ' Caramel Corn Pistachio Flavor' and ' Caramel Corn Mixed Berry Flavor ' on February 14, 2022. increase. As the name suggests, you can enjoy the 'fragrant pistachio flavor', and the mixed berry flavor is characterized by the sweet and sour taste of three types of berries: strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry, so I actually tried it.

For a limited time! Popular flavors are now available in caramel corn! 'Caramel Corn Pistachio Flavor' 'Caramel Corn Mix Berry Flavor' New Release-News Release | Tohato

The packages of 'Caramel corn and pistachio flavor' and 'Caramel corn and mixed berry flavor' are like this. The pistachio flavor is bright green and the mixed berry flavor is pink.

Let's start with the pistachio flavor.

Looking at the raw materials, in addition to corn grits (made in Japan), sugar, vegetable oil, margarine, sweetened milk, salt, etc., pistachio paste and fast spread are included, but the peanuts contained in the original caramel corn. It doesn't seem to contain caramel sauce or caramel paste.

Calories are 401kcal per 73g bag.

That's why it was opened. For the purpose of seeing it, it looks like a plain caramel corn sprinkled with green powder.

When you try it, you can feel the aroma and taste of pistachio for a moment when you put it in your mouth or swallow it, but as a whole, you can strongly feel the taste of corn confectionery such as the sweetness of corn grits and sweetened milk. Since pistachios are not exposed all over, it seems that eating for a strong pistachio flavor will make you feel like a shoulder pistachio, but in other words, it is 'elegant and delicate pistachio feeling', so if you like true pistachios, 'this kind of pistachio' Maybe it's the part that has a taste. As for the texture, it had the same texture as plain caramel corn, such as crispy chewy texture and melting in the mouth that disappeared.

Next, I will try the mixed berry flavor.

The raw materials are corn grits (made in Japan), sugar, vegetable oil, margarine, sweetened milk, and salt, which are the same as the pistachio flavor. The pistachio flavor contained pistachio paste and fast spread, but the mixed berry flavor contained raspberry powder, blueberry powder and yeast extract powder.

Calories are 405 kcal per bag of 73 g.

Opened. This also looks like a plain caramel corn sprinkled with pink powder, but there is no unevenness in how the powder is applied, and it looks almost like a single pink color.

When you try it, you can feel the flavor and acidity of mixed berries clearly. The sweetness of corn grits and sweetened milk is moderately suppressed by the acidity of mixed berries, giving the impression that the moderate sweetness is easy to eat. As for the texture, the plain caramel corn itself can be enjoyed as it is, with the chewy texture and melting of the caramel corn.

'Caramel corn pistachio flavor' and 'caramel corn mixed berry flavor' for a limited time will be released on February 14, 2022. The suggested retail price is 132 yen including tax.

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