'Gigant! Caramel corn / honey plum flavor' tasting review that is 5 times larger and has a refreshing sweetness and gentle acidity

'Gigant! Caramel Corn / Honey Plum Flavor

', a new flavor of 'Gigant! Caramel Corn ', which is about five times larger than the popular East Pigeon snack ' Caramel Corn ', will be released on January 17, 2022. The syrup is mixed with the juice of Kishu plums, and the mellow sweetness of honey is added to create a sweet and sour honey plum flavor that is easy for children to eat, so I tried it first.

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Gigant! A side-by-side comparison of a caramel corn / honey plum flavor package (left) and a regular caramel corn (right).

Gigant! Looking at the raw materials for caramel corn and honey plum flavor, the same as normal caramel corn, corn grits (domestic production), sugar, vegetable oil, margarine, salt, as well as concentrated plum juice and honey are used. Also, while sugar is used in caramel corn, Gigant! Caramel corn and honey plum flavor are sweetened milk.

Calories are 429 kcal per 80 g of bag.

When I take out the contents, it looks like this. Gigant! Caramel corn and honey plum flavor (left) are clearly larger than normal caramel corn and are pink in color. Also, the scent of honey is faint.

When you try it, you can feel the sourness of plum juice in addition to the sweetness of honey. However, it is not a piercing sourness, but a gentle sourness. While normal caramel corn has a long-lasting sweetness after the caramel-specific charred scent is felt, it is gigantic! Caramel corn and honey plum flavor has a good balance between the sweetness of honey and the acidity of plum, and the sweetness is smooth. The editorial staff who tasted it also commented that 'the sourness of plums and the sweetness of honey combined to give it a slightly strawberry-like flavor.'

Gigant! Caramel corn and honey plum flavor can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide on January 17, 2022. The reference retail price is 153 yen.

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