Finally the Boys Love magazine designates "harmful books", prohibits sales and browsing to less than 18 ban


In genres of novels and manga for women with men's homosexuality as a theme, old Tadashi Hagio's "Tom's heart (1974)"Keiko Takeyami's"Wind and tree poetry (1976)"Mineo Mao's"Patarillo! (1978)"Represented by"Boys Love, BLHowever, it was revealed that a magazine specializing in boys love was designated as a "harmful book" in Osaka Prefecture, and selling and browsing to less than 18 ban was prohibited.

I also contacted Osaka Prefecture on this matter by phone.

Details are as below. (Asahi Shimbun): Boys Love magazine, Osaka prefecture designates "harmful books" on R18 - Kansai Housing news news

According to the Asahi Shimbun news report, Osaka prefecture designated 8 magazines "comic books" which handled "Boys Love" on the 26th on the theme of boys' love affair as "harmful books", and to the age of 18 It seems he decided to prohibit selling and browsing.

Osaka prefecture has investigated sales floor of the bookstore and confirmed that it is in a place that it is easy for the boys and girls to pick up, etc. As a result of consultation on handling by the Youth Soundness Development Council created by academic experts, handling of harmful books It seems that it was decided to oblige to display it separately from general books.

In the Osaka prefecture young people health promotion ordinance, as for the manga magazine, we designated the harmful books as "the number of pages that post sexual activity etc accounts for one tenth of the total number of pages or more than ten pages" , Boys Love conventionally deals with sexual minorities "homosexuality", and he said that it was not covered so far because "everyone is not stimulating sexual feelings".

In Osaka prefecture in 2008The library in Sakai City, which holds about 5500 volumes of Boys Love novels, lent out under the age of 18 due to the absence of harmful book designationAlthough it was a problem, a certain delineation will be done by this harmful book designation.

By the way, I asked Osaka Prefecture about what magazines 8 magazines were supposed to be designated as hazardous books in the editorial department.Currently it is in the final procedure, it will be tomorrow that will be officially announced"It was a reply saying.

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