Finally "Second grade of elementary school" closed holidays, closed to the 91-year history

It was published in 1925 (Taisho 14)Second grade of elementary school"It was announced that it will be closed on a merger issue in the February - March 2017 released in December 2016.

The second grade of elementary school was launched from Shogakkan with "Seigaku first grade" "Seigaku third grade" as "Seigaku second grader" in 1925 as a pioneer of a scholarly journal. From 1946 it became "second grade of elementary school", and in 1973 the school year magazine "Elementary school third grader" recorded 1.2 million copies, etc. Sales of school year magazines grew, but after that, by magazine by genre Has gained popularity and sales declined due to the declining birthrate.

Shogakkan FamilyNet | Second grade elementary school issue latest issue

Elementary school third grader, elementary school fourth grader, elementary school fifth grader, elementary sixth grader are already on holiday from the end of fiscal 2011 from the end of fiscal 2011 and school year magazines issued from the Shogakkan are left only in elementary school first graders.

Shogakukan's learning magazine "fifth grade fifth grader" "sixth grade primary student" is closed on occasion, the curtain closes to the history of 1987 - GIGAZINE

In addition, when I contacted Shogakkan regarding the second grade primary school graduation, I acknowledge "it is true".

Elementary school second grader November 2016 issue [Magazines] | Books |

· 2016/10/04 20:00 postscript
Shogakkan officially announced the holiday of second grade primary school.

"Second grade elementary school student" holiday publication, about future publication business for elementary school students | Shogakkan

Among the "Information from Shogakkan" below, in addition to the information on the national holidays of elementary school students, "We launched a completely new learning extra-edition series that is mainly targeted at the second to fourth grade elementary school students next spring, and new genres for elementary school students We will pioneer "to be stated.

(PDF file)About "publication project for elementary school second grader" holiday publication and future elementary school student

Well, this time, we decided to suspend scholarship learning magazine "Elementary school second grader" on the December 26, 2016 merger issue released on December 26, 2013, so we are on holiday.

Since its inauguration in 1925, the magazine has gained the support of its readers for a long time of 91 years. However, in recent years the environment surrounding children has changed drastically, and as hobby tastes are diversifying, it has not necessarily met the needs of readers.
I grabbed this fact seriously and decided to cancel my "second grade primary school student" on holidays.

However, the desire for our publishing business for elementary school students is not waning at all. Various publishing activities such as encyclopedia encyclopedia · creative reading and learning manga will be further devised. And its core magazine 'First grade freshman' will continue to publish the next year onwards full of more attractive projects than ever before.
In addition, we will set up a completely new learning extra-edition series next spring to graduate from elementary school second grader to fourth grader who graduated from elementary school first grade next spring and we will pioneer new genre for elementary school students. For further details please look forward to future announcements.

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