'Planset' completed preview screening preview report, Miyano Miyano and Nori Ishihara surprised surprisingly the extraordinaryness of the new era special effects

At the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010New generation special effects movie "Plan Zut" will be released to theaters on May 22I told you that, today, "Planset"The preliminary show preview was held at Odaiba Cinema Medage.

In addition to director Awazu, played the leading character Hiroshi MeishimaMamoru MiyanoAnd Mr. Oshi's sister Koyomi playedNorihisa IshiharaMs. Miyano - san and Ishihara - san 's age difference were the same as the Mikoshima brothers and sisters who played, Mr. Miyano looks like a brotherly gaze like Mr. Ishihara who answered Hakihaki even in the stage greetings.

Details are as below.

The Odaiba Cinema Medage is set on the stage, where Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower can be seen.

The preview venue is Theater No. 2.

There is somewhat a lot to come when "Planets" are lined up while movies such as "Alice in Wonderland" are released. The customer was a bit like a lady.

First of all, there was a 1 hour main screening, followed by Awazi Coach, Mamoru Miyano and Nori Ishihara. Since Awazu made this work conscious of the theatrical release from the beginning although the previous work (Planet monster Negadon) was not conscious of the theatrical release so much and the angle of view was also small and the scale was short, Comment that it is nice to see and see.

Miyano says that it was interesting to see how it came to the audience, although the time passed so quickly that it was able to record with much fun. The atmosphere of the recording is very bright, Mr. Miyano and Mr. Ishihara played the same age gap as the role of brother and sister, so it seems that it was fun to record like a real brother sister.

Mr. Ishihara was the first such drastic dubbing. I did not know where to sit in the first dubbing, but Mr. Miyano said that "I'd better sit here." Also, I thought that the director was a silent person at the beginning, but he said that he was happy because he spoke to us a lot. Even when I heard that it was accepted to the audition, he seems to have thought "Is it okay with me?", And he / she was practicing until the bath or toilet. About this casting, the hero and the heroine Oshi and Koyomi are more audition participants than the other casts, and the director who worked to narrow down from among them was acclaimed that Mr. Miyano and Mr. Ishihara were exactly right. I was proud that I did not go wrong with my ears, actually being played.

Miyano is doing a number of leading characters such as the protagonist of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", Setsuna · F · Sayi, but it was almost the first time to voice the completed full CG, so I played with fresh feeling It was said that it was. As the picture is real and it seems that people are really breathing, he seems to have kept a fancy play in order to get that breath.

Miyano san saw the completed image "It is like a future retro TV, a gaming watch, the future of the planet is not the same as the world view that is not so, in the latter half it will be near future The atmosphere and the director seems to be a special effects that I used to see in the past that robots worked well, there is a feeling of freshness that it is nostalgic with that air feeling, "I am surprised that this is a special effect of the new generation!" It seemed that I felt like I was acquainted with the "New era special effects" which is a catch copy of the work.

Mr. Ishihara was feeling the texture of the skin and the power of the battle scene from the time of dubbing, but was surprised that it became even worse when the SE and others entered and it was completed.

Director Awazu seems to have made a work by saying "Special effects in CG" in the previous work "Planetary monster Negadon", but at that time I also wanted to do it technically and even during the production period, I was told that it was good to be able to realize it with the work. Mr. Genichi-san's ending song "Ryugu no Usa" is a song that the director likes especially, Mr. Miyano and Mr. Ishihara are both impressed with the atmosphere of the song and the worldview of the work. Finally, the director says, "While it is said that" anime movie boom ", there are many works with original works, but since this work is original, I think that there is value there."

The movie "Planet" will be released from May 22 to theatrical shinjuku and other national theaters in turn. It is a content that seems to stimulate a wide range of people, including special effects, like animation lovers, course monster movies, SF movie lovers, so please try to find opportunities and go to see.

Here is a video of comments by this cast member and director.

Comment video by Director Awazu of movie "Planet" and Mamoru Miyano, Norio Ishihara - GIGAZINE

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