Comment Movie by Director Awazu of movie "Planet" and Mamoru Miyano, Nori Ishihara

"Plan Zut" completed preliminary show preview reportI gave you an overview of the event, but I will continue to introduce the comments by cast members and directors with a video. Mr. Miyano and Mr. Ishihara talk about the performance between the ambition, Koyomi in the past scene and the contemporary ambition, Koyomi and the message to the viewers of the movie.

Details are as below.
First of all, greetings in the order of Nori Ishihara who played Hiyori Meisoshima, Mamoru Miyano who played Oshima Oishi and Director Awazu.

YouTube - Greeting from Mamoru Miyano, Norihisa Ishihara and Awazu @ 'Plan Zet' preview

Miyano answers the question of how he played the scene played the past ambition.
YouTube - Talking about acting Mamoru Miyano @ 'Plan Zet' preview

Also, Mr. Ishihara speaking about Koyomi 's performance division.
YouTube - Talking about acting Norihiro Ishihara @ "Plan Zet" preview

And a comment from Ishihara for the theatrical release. Ishihara says this is the first movie appearance.
YouTube - Comment from Nori Ishihara @ "Plan Zet" preview

Comment from Mr. Miyano. Not to mention action scenes, it is also paying attention to the connection between people drawn in the works.
YouTube - Comment from Mamoru Miyano @ Planset preview

The last comment from Director Awazu.
YouTube - Comment from Director Awazu Co @ @ "Plan Zet" preview

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