The latest trailer of "Sky Crawler The Sky Crawler", being released on official website

From Saturday, April 19th, "Theaters released nationwide"Sky · Crawl The Sky Crawler"The latest trailer has come to be seen also on the official website. Previously it was an image that conveyed the image of the work that the character does not come out clearly, but this time it has become a thing with dialogue etc. firmly.

Details are as below.
"Sky Crawlers The Sky Crawlers", trailer distribution start! - Oshii Mamoru's latest film "Sky Crawlers The Sky Crawlers" Official Site

The main speakers are Kusanagi hydrogen (CV: Rinko Kikuchi) and Yuichi Kanan (CV: Ryo Kase). Other,Riko SakakibaraThere are parts that can hear a voice like that. Also, although the trailer was released on the official website on April 28, somehow the same content movie has been uploaded to YouTube on April 24.

YouTube - Sky · Crawl The Sky Crawlers Trailer

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