"Sky Crawlers The Sky Crawlers" The main character is Riko Kikuchi and Ryo Kase

Before,Director Oshii Mamoru's latest work "Sky Crawlers The Sky Crawlers" will be released on August 2We introduced that, but its main cast was decided.

Oshii Mamoru is committed to using a professional voice actor, but hero, Kusanagi hydrogen (Kusanagi, Suetto) role Riko Kikuchi, another one main character · Yuichi Kannami (Kanami · euichi) role Kase Ryo, It has become an unusual actor.

Details are as below.
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As director Oshii Mamoru's work "Sky · Croula" which will be held for 4 years since "Innocence". Although the world view was drawn by PV which had been published so far, although specific characters were not disclosed, four major casts have become clear each time.

Former ace pilot, now base commander Kusanagi hydrogen (CV: Rinko Kikuchi).

Ace pilot who newly arrived at the base, Yuichi Kannami (CV: Ryo Kase)

Female pilot · Mitsuya Haruka who will fight together Chiaki Kuriyama, colleague of colleagues in Kannon · Shosuke Tanihara is appointed as Naoto Fumiyuki Tokono. The dubbing has already been completed in March, and this title will be completed at the end of April. From 19th April (Sat), a new trailer will appear in theaters across the country.

From April 19th, we are distributing a PDF version of the new poster to be posted on theaters across the country on the official website.
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In addition, pre-sale appreciation tickets with benefits are also on sale.
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