NTT DoCoMo Announces "New Docomo Declaration", Brand Logo and Others Reformed

NTT DoCoMo announced the "New DoCoMo Declaration" as a vision for renewing and reforming its own brand.

We will rebuild both corporate color and brand logo and start building new brands.

Details are as below.
Press announcement materials: About the new docomo brand | News | NTT DoCoMo

According to this release, NTT DoCoMo announces the following "new docomo declaration" as the four pillars to provide high added value suitable for each user with reliable quality.

1. Refine the brand and deepen ties with customers.
2. We take customer's voice firmly and change to a company that exceeds that expectation.
3. Continue to innovate and aim to be a company that gets high reputation from the world.
4. It will be filled with lively human resources and will continue to challenge towards the same dream.

And as a new brand slogan "Put yourself to the palm of tomorrow.After raising the thing called on July 1 (Tue), it seems to change to the new corporate brand logo.

This is the new brand logo. "Docomo" has become lower case letters, the color of the letters adopt a special color "docomo red". It is simple and friendly design.

Here's the traditional one. It is quite familiar already.

DoCoMo, which revamped its brand image, is a concern what kind of service will be delivered in the future.

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