All-purpose winding machine "Roll master V-2" which makes everything happen, such as tortilla, raw spring roll, etc.

As a leading company in rolled sushi machine development "Fully automatic roll sushi forming machine"Automatic Shariba Ball Forming Machine"Automatic pushing sushi forming machine"Fast iris sushi forming machine"And so on to the world one after anotherShimadzu Machinery Works Co., Ltd.This time it was exhibiting universal winding molding machine "Roll master V-2"is.

For tortillas and raw spring rolls, it is a machine that winds up ingredients such as cut vegetables, noodles and pilaf which could not be wrapped with conventional techniques. Not only wrapping, but also wraps will be rolled so it's very easy and good feeling.

Since it was already "V-2", I'm wondering where the "V-1" has disappeared, but the movie that seems to actually work is as follows.
Shimadzu Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

This is a universal roll forming machine "Roll master V-2"

If it is normal it will be like this with a piece put on top of the roll and rolling it up, but this is very troublesome if this is done, because speed does not come out, so do not judge the number and technique is also necessary.

I will make it like this kind in no time.

The following is the movie actually made. Roll up the ingredients from the machine, roll it with the machine, insert the fabric and wind it.

YouTube - Universal Forming Machine "Roll Master V-2" Part 1

Even if you do not make the ingredients and fabric separately, you can speed up even if you put the ingredients on the fabric.

YouTube - Universal Forming Machine "Roll Master V-2" Part 2

These things can actually be made.

But it is meaningless unless packaged, even if it says that it can not be sold, there is no problem. Wrap also winds.

YouTube - Universal Forming Machine "Roll Master V-2" Part 3

On the left is a version using seaweed, the one on the right is a lap wrapped version.

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