McDonald's is applying for patent on sandwich recipe

Although it is said to be a sandwich manufacturing method, it seems that it will become a hamburger if you sandwich a piece between bread and bread, McDonald 's will make that patent yourself.

What exactly is this?

Details are as follows.McDonald's puts patent on sandwiches |

According to this article, the patent applied by McDonald's in the US and Europe seems to be "a method of manufacturing sandwiches in a shorter time".

It seems that they are trying to make their own patents by using a machine that automatically manufactures sandwiches, to realize the method from burning buns in a short time to inserting and finishing the ingredients. By the way, McDonald's believes that by taking this patent, we are not going to hinder sandwich manufacturing in a similar way.

By the way, it is said to be a sandwich in the original, but should it be considered a hamburger ...?

In the meantime, McDonald's seems to have obtained a patent when developing a fully automated cooker "Conveyor Griddle (Teppanyaki)", but it seems that he could not get into practical use after all. And it was developed based on that "clamshell griddle", it said that fully automated was realized. Is it the result of this patent acquisition acquisition?

Full automation is explained in more detail in the following link

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