A new package of bread that can be eaten in 0.5 seconds without being soiled with hands

Easy to open quickly, yet you can eat the contents without polluting your hands, and a novel package that seems to be able to say "Reinventing the wrapping of the dish bakery"The 15th FABEX (Fabex) 2012So it was exhibited, so I actually tried it.

I developed this packageF - pico ChupaIt is a container maker.

It is the feature of this packaging that it can be opened with 3 steps of "pinch", "turning", "backflip". It is not necessary to pull open both ends of the bag like a general bread bag. Please note that this mechanism is currently patent pending.

Looking at packaging of yakisoba bread as an example, cut tapes are attached in a form traversing the package as shown in the red frame of the following photograph.

Since there is a place written as "opening" when turning over, you can open it in a moment if you pull it here.

The demo package has a banana in it for some reason, but I showed you where to open the bag. First of all, pinch the "opening" as follows ...

You can easily open it just by pulling with Periperi.

Since contents come out rapidly as you go through the bag like this, you can eat without touching the food directly with your hand hygienically.

You can see the procedure by watching it in the movie.

A package that can be opened in a flash and eaten without polluting your hands - YouTube

It can also be applied to hamburger package.

Besides bread, it seems to be applicable to packaging of various foods such as crepe, glue rolling, Turritos.

Since products that adopt this package are scheduled to be sold at convenience stores and soon soon, what kind of merchandise of which manufacturer will adopt this method is greatly expected.

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