Family mart suddenly appeared in the usual lineup "Fragrant Rice oil onigiri" Taste Review

Since FamilyMart launched a new item using "ingredient-filled oil" as a rice ball, I bought it and tried it at once.

As far as the "eatable lucrous" product was supplied with rice oil or almost all the packages were specially designed, the rice balls of this time entered into the inside of the same rice balls as other rice balls It has become what is. A rice ball of a convenience store is one of the meals which can be taken quite easily, but what is the taste of the rice oil?

Details are as below.With you, in combination, FamilyMart | FamilyMart

"Fragrant rice oil onigiri" was misleading casually in places of various kinds of rice balls on the FamilyMart shelf.

Use Ariake Seaweed.

Salt salt is used for salt. This neighborhood is a phrase you frequently see on recent convenience store onigiri.

As much as 206 kcal per piece, lipid 4.1 g and rice balls.

I thought what kind of ingredients are contained in the rice oil, and looking at the raw material name, it was a collective term that I could not understand well as "stir-frying lacquer oil". However, not having put in the oil as it is but stir-frying is that it is a device that that person fits the rice?

Pull the cutout towards you and pull on both sides to remove the vinyl.

The appearance is a form of general rice ball.

When I tried to break it with my gauze it was packed with bright red oil. Lots of fittings.

The ingredients are fine. When I tried it, I did not feel the flavor of garlic, which is the characteristic of rice oil, or the fragrance of roast onion, and I felt quite salty instead. Because it is salty, it has a crunchy texture so I think of mythic mentaiko somehow, but it seems a different thing. Up to now,Momoya's "Spicy a little spicy rice oil"I have eaten various kinds of rice oil, but it is different from any of them. However, considering that it is different from Momoya's thing, I thought that it was ant as a rice ball of new taste.

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