Five Steps to Learn the Comfortable Study Method

Many students are studying hard, but they are busy with extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, drinking-party meetings and playing. Even if it is not so, it is actually quite difficult to take time to study. Five points are introduced for such people to make plans for studying according to their own lifestyle.

Instead of picking up overnight before the test, it is the content for those who want to learn with a long-term career, and it is content that seems to be applicable also for obtaining difficult qualifications and doctor's degree etc. as well as examination examination It is getting.

Details are as below.
How to Fit Studying Into Your Life - by Dumb Little Man

1: Think for a long time

Do not you think that you should do everything you want to study? When doing that, eventually the problems will accumulate steadily. By relinquishing the task a little bit, it makes me much more comfortable and other things will come faster. It is important to investigate whether you need to clean up the tasks and targets you have at the same time and see if there is any thing left next month or next year.

2: Schedule a weekly schedule

If you have made a long-term plan in step 1, let's rethink the weekly schedule. Review your own lifestyle, find out the time you can study and find the time zone that you can concentrate most, and incorporate the study itself in your life. By doing this it keeps saying "I will do it later" to prevent the time being passed away slowly, so that long-term learning that the deadline will not come soon can be kept on steadily.

3: Secure a study space

For example, you can not concentrate while wearing a TV, and you can not spread notes and textbooks when there are scattered around. By securing a space to study, you can concentrate and study. For example, you may want to secure a room for study in your home, go to a neighborhood library or coffee shop. Or it may be a good way to keep a car in it.

4: To acquire learning habits

Those who prepared the position to study in the steps up to this point will feel that they want to use study time more effectively. To do that, it is important to acquire a good learning habit that takes long breaks and does not spend time with vaguely holding the pen. A good book written about the study method may be asleep in a library in a library such as a university, and good advice on exams and study blogs may be written, so for reference It is good to do.

5: Find the most effective study method

It is necessary to consider how to study best how to study. Some people can learn efficiently by moving their hands, others can often remember listening with ears. There are also people who are good at visual means to learn using diagrams to remember new things. It is dangerous to imitate it easily, just because a person close to you is successful because any means will show its effect. Let's try it variously and study in a way that suits you.

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