What is the readiness to stay out of burnout syndrome?



' Burnout ' is endless tired by incessant stress continues, refers to the state no longer socially function, the 'health adversely affect' has been certified to the WHO . Burnout syndrome can happen not only to adults but also to students, so Ryan Korstanji, who holds a seminar program for first-year college students at Middle Tennessee State University in the United States, said, “Because college students do not fall into burnout syndrome. Explains the attitude.

5 tips for college students to avoid burnout

◆ 1: Have motivation
It has been found that people who have the idea that “learning itself is fun” have a lower probability of burnout, and even better academic performance. Therefore, one effective way to prevent burnout is to “self-identify why you attend university”. If you have a strong motivation by clearly envisioning the skills you want and the experiences you want to do, you will be motivated to learn .

◆ 2: Visualize progress
By checking the syllabus, you can know in advance what each course will study in one semester. It is important to check the unit in advance using a to-do list, calendar, application, etc., or to give up as “well done” to yourself when you have finished learning the unit.



◆ 3: Study every day
Learning important things requires time and effort , as well as a mind that is not swept away by planning and desire . According to Mr. Kastanji, the most inefficient methods of learning for university students, such as “draw a line on a textbook to highlight important parts”, “read material repeatedly”, “summarize lesson content”, etc. It has been found that 'interval memory' that repeats learning many times at regular intervals is effective for learning. Kostanji recommends that you do not study for a long time at once, but study by checking the time divided into several days.

In order to memorize information accurately and steadily, `` interval memory '' that repeats after a certain time is effective

Also, since taking a lecture in a passive attitude reduces learning efficiency, it seems important to have a positive attitude by using a flash card or performing a mock test yourself.

◆ 4: Take a rest slowly regularly
Stress is important because the direct cause of burnout is stress. Moderate exercise, a healthy diet, social contact with others, and high-quality sleep can alleviate stress.

Research shows that meditation and yoga lower blood pressure and reduce physical stress-gigazine

Researchers argue that `` compatibility with the community is necessary to deal with stress even if there is discomfort ''-GIGAZINE

Experiments have also shown that taking a short break is as important as learning repeatedly to learn new skills.

Taking a `` short break '' may be useful to acquire new skills-gigazine

◆ 5: Recognize that “university is beneficial”
There are various stresses in college life, and it can be difficult to continue. However, research has shown that graduating from a university has economic benefits in terms of lifetime income, and Mr. Kors Tanji says that the knowledge and skills gained at the university are also useful for life.

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