Yakisoba with no need for hot water cut, Payang "Soup Yakisoba" Taste Review

I bought "Soup Yakisoba", which is famous for cup fried noodles, Payang was releasing "Soup Yakisoba" that it is unnecessary to run a hot water cut. I do not need hot water cutting, so it can be easier to make, but is it a good thing to call it yakisoba? I tried to eat while worrying about whether it is different from sauce flavor noodles.

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MARUKAN FOOD CO., LTD. | Product Information Yakisoba

This is Payong "Soup Yakisoba". It seems to be "specialty!"

Because it is unnecessary to make a bathtub, it is more like instant noodle than instant fried noodles. 522 kcal per meal.

raw materials.

When peeling off the package, a white container familiar to Payang appeared.

The substance is special, special soup, quickly. It seems that the seed has already been seasoned.

Pour hot water and pour hot water.

Wait 3 minutes.

The usual Payang is likely to be completed if you throw out the hot water, but this time I will not throw the hot water.

Completion by putting special soup here.

Soup fried noodles, complete.

I am putting sauces and noodles are noodles rather than ramen, but it is a bit tasty as to what to classify. The closest thing may be chicken ramen. It is easy to make because you do not have to throw away the hot water, but the sauce will be diluted with hot water, so for someone who expects the source taste it may be slightly different from expectation.

By the way, soup fried noodlesFamed famous as Shiobara OnsenIt seems to be what. I have to try eating what kind of thing is.

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