Ace cook "Bonito thick deep purple sauce sauce" is rich spicy spicy

I bought and ate a cup of yakisoba of Ace cock at convenience store "Sushi dense thick purposely sauce sauce soba noodle".

As I mentioned earlier in GIGAZINE, This main fried noodles is a yakisoba with a characteristic that it is really baked noodles and mackerel, it is a good yakisoba with a good texture. What kind of taste is this time?

Details are as follows.
Sprinkle some sprinkle and contain yakisoba sauce.

Noodles. There is only baking actually, it is a fox color.

Quickly. It has the same grinding as ever and has grilled eyes. It may be surprising if an unknown person sees it. .

Wait for 3 minutes with hot water.

Discard the hot water, add the sauce, mix well, sprinkle it and finish it.

Although I tried to eat it, it is the same as the "I really baked" series so far and there is a Koshi very much. It has plenty of chewy texture, and it does not feel like a soggy kanji. The sauce is only "mushrooms" and it is a rich and harsh sauce. I get involved often with noodles. Because the ingredients are baked, it is faithfully reproduced to the burned taste and it is very tasty.

Although I felt that the sauce was not far behind but the source had improved considerably, it became fairly finished high-grade soba, which was released for the first time, "really baked main-baked soba" It was.

The product page is here.

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