A woman who came home to her parents house without noticing that she was stabbed with a knife with a kitchen knife

Despite being stabbed by the nape snatcher snatcher, there seem to be a woman who returned to her parents house without knitting that stuff while the kitchen knife stuck.

Although it seems to be noticed by intense pain although I can not see my own arms by myself, is it that you felt the pain that having gone home as if nothing had happened?

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Stab victim did not feel blade | The Sun | News

According to this article, Julia · Popova (22 years old) is walking towards the parents house in Moscow, a salaried man tries to snatch Julia's bag and he seems to have become a fighting fight. The compromised snatcher stabbed the part of the apron of Julia with the kitchen which he had, and escaped. However, Julia knew that there was a shock "Dosu!", But he did not notice that the kitchen knife stuck, but he seems to have returned to his parents house with the kitchen stabbed.

Julia's parents were amazed at seeing a kitchen knife stuck in the back of the daughter who came home. She was brought to the hospital soon and the surgery was done. Fortunately, since the blade was stopped just before the spinal cord, Mr. Julia said that he was safe.

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