The bodies of rats were contained in the bread

Foreign substances may be mixed in foodstuffs and food safety, etc. may be regarded as a problem, but it seems that an unheard of incident occurred that the bodies of rats were contained in bread.

Although he did not eat it because he was buried at a glance, he could not have eaten it, but if he was completely buried inside, he might have mistakenly eaten the rat together.

Let's see what kind of bread the mouse was buried.Since it is an impact image, attention is required when viewing it.

Details are from the following.
BBC NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Man found dead mouse in malt loaf

One day, England ·County AntrimA man who lives in the super market opened a bag of bread, it seems that bread was buried in the dead body of the mouse. It was a very shocking thing because it was clear that the figure of rat could be confirmed.

This is the bread where the corpse of a mouse was buried. It seems that this bread was saved for trial use as evidence. Clicking on the image below will mosaic off,Be careful as it is an impact image.

It seems that the defense counsel of the breadmaker claimed to have done so that someone else tried, but the North Antrim lower court judge said that he imposed a fine of 1000 pounds (about 160,000 yen) to the manufacturer.

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