Mice were mixed in commercial curry sauce

A week agoIn the bread in the UK there was a ratAlthough I just introduced the case, it seems that there was a case that a mouse was mixed in curry sauce purchased at supermarket this time. It seems that it was comparatively easy to find because it is liquid rather than solid curry roux which is commonly used in Japan, but if you have eaten as it is if you do not notice ...... If you think of it, it will be frustrating.

I think that such a thing is a rare case, but what is the state of the food situation in the United Kingdom ...?

Details are from the following.
Dead mouse found in Asda curry sauce | Metro.co.uk

Kate, who lives in the city of St Austell in the state of Cornwall, England, is a large supermarket to make curryAsdaWhen trying to use the bottled curry sauce purchased at the store, it seems that there was a dead body of mice inside when checking the contents with Nigel who was outside because there was feeling of collision more than usual somewhat. Since the bottle is in a completely sealed state, the possibility that a mouse has entered afterwards is very low.

This is a part of the carcass sauce and the dead body of the mouse inside. Clicking it will remove the mosaic,Please be careful because it is considerably grotesque images.

Kate immediately took the curry sauce bottle to the store and returned it. It is currently under investigation as to why the mouse was in the bottle, so it seems that Kate did not give enough explanation.

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