A poisonous spider that causes 'infinite erection' is found in a banana bag and the supermarket is closed

by João P. Burini

An Austrian supermarket has been shut down after it was found to have poisonous spiders that can cause persistent erections.

Öffnung kommende Woche? - Kremser Supermarkt wird nach Spinnenalarm gereinigt und desinfiziert - NÖN.at


Supermarket is closed over fears male shoppers could suffer permanent erections: Spider whose bite can cause bizarre reaction in men sparks evacuation | Daily Mail Online

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12392833/Supermarket-closed-fears-male-shoppers-suffer-permanent-elections-Spider-bite-cause-bizarre-reaction-men-sparks-evacuation. html

At a supermarket in Krems an der Donau, a city in Lower Austria, Austria, the manager found a 4-inch long, red and black spider in a banana bag. did.

This spider, sometimes called the 'banana spider' or 'Brazilian wandering spider', is a '

Phoneutria ' found mainly in northern South America, and is known to be particularly venomous. If bitten, hypothermia, blurred vision, convulsions, and in some cases priapism may develop. Priapism is a condition in which an erection lasts longer than 4 hours regardless of sexual desire or arousal, and can lead to erectile dysfunction if left untreated.

After being notified by the store, an exterminator was called in and a box of bananas, which Phoneutria favored, was sealed. In addition, the appearance of the essential Phoneutria was not found, and the store is closed. Leveritare Group, which operates the supermarket, said it will be cleaning and disinfecting and will reopen next week.

Phoneutria was transported hidden in bunches of bananas, its favorite food, and there have been occasional reports of its being found in other countries. I'm here.

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