Udji insects were contained in the meal ordered at the fast food store

I introduced an article that there was a mouse of a mouse in the food in the UK before, but this time it seems there was an incident that Ugi worms were mixed in the meal ordered in China. There seems to have been a maggot beetle in the meal of the fast food shop which the neighborhood students etc. often use, and it is very worrisome what kind of hygiene environment of the kitchen is.

Pictures are as follows.

※ Because it is a grotesque image, attention is necessary when looking at people who are not good at insects or during meals.
?! Yuzhou University College Celebratory Dinner ??? Anthrax -? South? Ryongyang University -? South School? - South Fortune District

A student from Guangzhou University in China ordered meals at a fast food shop in the neighborhood on June 27 and confirmed the inside at the student dormitory, it seems that there were several maggot worms contaminated. When I returned to the store and complained, I was told that "I did not do it deliberately," and I did not have a satisfying apology. Students whose anger did not fit in that attitude took pictures of the meal containing the maggot and decided to make it public on the net.

Pictures taken of this. There are maggots in a place surrounded by a red line.Please click on it, but you can take a mosaic.

It seems that Ujiji worms were mixed in the white rice. Because it is difficult to understand with similar colors and shapes, some people may have eaten without understanding. Click here for mosaicCareful attention ※)

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