FREE service "Automatic correction of cooking photos and make it look nice" "Delicious conversion"

It is difficult to shoot pictures of food properly by focusing on pictures of food, but the most difficult thing is to "take delightfully shades". Even GIGAZINE has a very hard time.

So that it seems to be pretty easy to use the free service that will make it look delicious by automatically correcting photos of this dish "Delicious conversion". Just by uploading the image you want to feel delicious, uploading it automatically will process it to a deliciously delicious feel.

The usage is as follows.
Delicious conversion - I will make delicious photos of dishes ♪

First, click "Browse" and select an image

By clicking "Change the size of the image", you can resize it by specifying the length of the long side, and if you check "Make image private," it will be displayed on the top page even after conversion It is not.

Just click "Convert"


Conversion complete. After that, you can download the converted image by clicking on "Download photo". By clicking on the "After conversion" and "Before conversion" tabs, you can see how tasty it is compared with the original image.

This is before conversion

After this conversion

It is quite nice feeling.

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