"FoodPic" web service helps you a lot in Retouching and Tweeting your Gourmet Photos

It's always annoying to see unflattering food pictures when checking after a perfect meal. Before throwing these datas to the rid, it may be worth trying "Food Pic", an automatic photo retouching service specialized in food images. Adopting Noritsu Koki's "AccuSmart" technology, the service can do quite effective retouch just by clicking on a button. You can also tweet your food photos from the service.

Read on for detail.

FoodPic- Make Your Photo Looks Delicious!

To use the service, access the top page. There's also a gallery of photos retouched by the service.

Click "参照(Refer to)" button to select the image file you want to give retouch and click "Upload"

The image file is uploaded and retouched on the server.

Soon the image is processed. You can see the image before and after retouching by clicking on tabs on the image.

Here's the image before retouch. The dish shown is a bream boiled in ginger and caramelized soy sauce.

After retouching, the image got warmer light and became much yummier.

You can download the processed image by clicking on "DOWNLOAD" button. EXif data embedded in the image is deleted so you don't worry much about your privacy.

Basically your photo is only available to yourself at first. If you like to publish your photo to the Internet, put some caption and click "PUBLISH!" button.

You got this screen after publishing.

Your photo will be shown on the top page like this.

You can directly tweet the image's URL on your Twitter account from the button below. No further uploading and typing needed.

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