A free service that anyone can easily make with the original mail form without expert knowledge "Maguruma! Easy Form"

Since it is said that we started a free service "Maguruma! Simple form" that you can quickly and easily create a contribution form that can be used for receiving comments and questionnaires, etc., the largest e-mail magazine distribution service "Maguruma", how easy it can be created I actually tried it. In addition to the free entry column, it is also possible to use checkboxes, select boxes, etc. It is said that each item can be selected as "required" or "arbitrary".

Samples etc actually made are as follows.
Mugmaku! Easy Form - Mashuma!

After accessing the above page, click "I agree to the terms and create a form"

Since this time it is created original, click the far right end

It is displayed with such feeling. Detailed explanation of how to make is temporaryIt is written hereLet's make it with reference to it.

Click "Confirm form contents" when you finish setting items

It was finished like that

Enter the e-mail address to which the last entered item will be sent and click "Create form"

Since the authentication mail is sent to the email address you entered earlier, let's receive it.

Because it arrives like this, access to the authentication address in the text

Completion As the address is displayed, let's take notes.

Like this

The entered content will actually arrive like this

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