Gmail, even now in Japan available without an invitation from today

Previously reportedAs you can see, Gmail will be available in each country sequentially without an invitation, but from now on Gmail has become available without invitation in Japan as well.

It can be used via a browser or via mail software, and the capacity is actually 2757 MB. Capacity is still increasing little by little now. In addition, another email address etc is unnecessary beforehand when registering. In other words, it can be used immediately without having anything.

It is said that you can only use this thing for free. I feel that it will become the standard of a free e-mail address.

So, I tried to register immediately.
Registration is from the following.

Welcome to Gmail

Click "sign up for Gmail" at the bottom right

First name, last name, user name (this will be the email address as it is), password, password to use when you forget the secret question (Write question about me, you can set it freely), choose a place, If you enter the characters displayed in the image in "Authentication" OK. Let's click "I agree, I will create an account."

In the upper right there is "Start using Gmail from here", so click

Click "Move to Inbox"

It is already available now

Received mails are displayed like this. The advertisement is visible on the far right.

Various settings can be made from "Setting"

It is also possible to set another mail address name

You can also use Gmail from various mail software such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird or Becky by checking "Enable POP by all mails" and pressing "Save changes" from here

The setting method with the mail software is written in the following help.

Gmail: Help Center - Settings for POP access

Also, since the RSS is like the bulletin board displayed above when logging in, you can also register your favorite RSS from "web clip"

Besides, there is a lot of functions like spam filtering and linkage with various Google searches. In effect, free free e-mail address can be said to be the strongest existence.

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