From the exterior it is possible to expect a condominium where a mysterious space can not be expected

The price of real estate is rising in Russia, but if it is a bit old, if the foundation is firm, it will become a large scale renovation work beyond remodeling and remodelingRenovationIt is said that there are many people who live there. However, there are few fixed matters concerning renovation and renovation It seems there are condominiums that are ridiculously decorated as Russia's housing situation got hurt.

The appearance is an ordinary condominium, but if you step in one step, the mysterious mystery world is spreading.

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This is an apartment that is decorated slightly. The appearance seems to be ordinary and nothing particularly funny.

Landscape in the lobby. Considering from the housing situation in Japan, it seems that it can not be said that beauty is also beautiful, but it seems to be an ordinary sight in Russia.

As I went further, I felt somewhat creepy space emerged.

There is a strange space that seems to appear in fairy tales and so on.

Somehow the face of the person who imaged Christ ... ....

I will not feel like being in such a state until I arrive at the room as expected.

It seems that some residents wanted to protest because it was a terrible scene, but he said there was no sign of returning at all. The precise place has not been told to avoid rushing people who are funny but this apartment is located in one of the least reputable areas in Kiev city.

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