A baby born physically with male and female characteristics is born

Recently it has become common to hear the word "sexual identity disorder" in which gender and spirit do not coincide, but it is said that children born physically with male character and female character It seems there was. In such cases it is likely to be confused as to what kind of method of raising should be done, but what kind of decision do parents make?

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Doctors choose sex for hermaphrodite baby - Pravda.Ru

Sergei living in Moscow knew that his wife Olga was pregnant and was very pleased. Olga and Sergei had asked the doctor not to inform the sex of the baby born and not to tell whether it is a boy or a girl until born. Olga continues to work as much as possible during pregnancy, and he told his colleagues that they might be giving birth in the workplace.

On the day of birth, birth was progressed without any problems and a baby was born safely, but it was said that Olga became very uneasy because there was no time to bring the baby to Olga's source. Several hours later, the child who was born is told that he has both male nature and female nature and he was forced to choose whether to raise it as a boy or as a girl.

Olga was discharged from the hospital five days after childbirth, but the baby still remains in the hospital because of genetic investigation etc. It seems that it is waiting for the result now. According to experts the surgery itself to decide the sex of a child itself seems not so difficult, but the choice of "to choose the sex of a child" is very difficult for parents.

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