I tried making "Sweet Osechi" like that very much without spending time or money

Every year at this time it is making strange things, but this year "not spending time" "do not spend money" "but looks osechi" ... ... on the concept of "Sweet noodlesI tried to make it. There were 10 types of items bought at 100 yen uniform shop, 1 item on 298 yen at supermarket, 150 yen at heavy recycling shop, 150 yen at total at the discount price of 1448 yen total time only 30 Minute! Just breaking the bags side by side! However, since it looks very much like it, it may be pretty pleasing if you bring this somewhere when you get in the way of the New Year early.

As the criteria chosen, there are many colorful and colorful colors, feeling when burning is different, sizes are a little disagreeable, sunshine is a feeling, and so on.

Details are as below.
This is heavy

The size of the weight is this degree

Small, fairly small

Size comparison with celebration chopsticks


Tsubu gumi

Hydrangea jelly

Drinking water

Colon of fluffy cream

Colon (chocolate taste)

White and black colon

Matching beans

Like this, I tried putting it in a box of a colon


Agar Japanese sweet "Hana Hot Snow"

Sweet summers · strawberries · gigantic · coffee

Matcha Chocolat

Contents is like this

Ichigo · White & Sweet Chocolate

I will put it in heaviness

I will fill it in this way


I will put it in good balance

Good point

It began to be like it

Completed sliding

Let's take a look at one row in order

Check the contents of one heavy from four directions

Next, two heaviness

Check the contents of two heavy from four directions

Last, three heavy

Check contents of 3 heavy from 4 directions

It looks like this again from the first weight. This is one heaviness.

Two heavy

Three heavy

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